We love travelling. Simple as that

Let’s meet each other!
We are passionate travelers. Tourism addicted and hospitality professionals. If you want the short version. The long version lasts for more than 10 years ever since we’ve delivered our first successful tour and saw the satisfaction on our client’s face. So let’s discover France together and make the most out of new and exciting experiences.

Travel Experts


Doru Oprea

Managing Director

Doru is the oldest of the Come & Go team and one of the co-founders. With 25 years of experience, he is still involved in the agency’s day-to-day activities and is an expert in coach / minibus / minivan / car hire.



Guest Relations Manager

Stella will find you the best accommodation solution in France. She is prompt and enjoyable and has 6 years of experience in hotel reservations. She can also arrange airport transfers, contact her for any request.

Creative Team


Aurora Ticaloiu

Senior Art Director

They say 1 picture it is worth 1000 words. Our Art Director Aurora manages to transform ideas into a visible reality. She is creative, she is passionate about her work and she has a more than 10 years experience in advertising and marketing. Aurora helps us see a different perspective and a new direction every time we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition.


Cristina Somcutean

Senior Copywriter

Our creative team is also proud to always have some words of wisdom. Cristina is in charge of the written word and communication strategy. She manages to give a unifying voice to all our services and reach into the depths of the online mysteries in order to make our clients and us talk the same language. Needless to mention her vast experience in copywriting and advertising.


Mircea Burdusa

Web Developer

Mircea is a web-developer passionate about economics and entrepreneurship. When he doesn’t works on his client’s websites, he spends his time reading on the internet about blockchain technology.